Pulmonary Function

The lungs and breathing are examined in a pulmonary function test. A tube is inserted into the patient’s mouth to measure breathing as the lungs work harder during physical activity. The test evaluates the amount of oxygen in your blood and how much air the lungs can contain as well as how quickly they can be discharged. PFT measures lung size, volume, airflow, and gas exchange.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The purpose of a pulmonary function test is to examine how the lungs operate in the body of a patient. This helps to detect any lung disease or problem that the patient is experiencing or may experience in the future if it is not addressed. This determines how well you can breathe and how efficiently your lungs provide oxygen to your heart. A pulmonary function test can also be used to determine how much air you can hold in your lungs before blowing it out. PFT allows you to check your breathing rate, oxygen saturation, and capacity. It is one of the most effective tests for lung function that is performed efficiently and affordably at Mydiagnocenter.

    Mydiagnocenter is one of the most well-equipped diagnostic centres in Mumbai, offering services around the city. Our patients choose us for pulmonary function testing because we have the most up-to-date equipment and facilities to provide a painless and efficient process. You can also put your faith in us and benefit from our exceptional services.

    Just like other medical tests you have to follow certain instructions before undergoing the pulmonary function test. Some common instructions are as follows:

    • For the next four hours, no bronchodilator medicine is allowed.
    • For the four hours leading up to the exam, don’t smoke.
    • There will be no hefty meals.
    • Wear loose-fitting clothing.

    When compared to other medical tests, a pulmonary function test can take up to an hour and a half to complete. However, Mydiagnocenter will not waste your time because our team and equipment are always ready for any medical test. Our team will guide you through all of the instructions when you book an appointment and before you have a medical test with us. You can count on us for a painless and cost-effective medical examination.


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